About us

Magro Cardona is a womens shoe brand founded in 2014 by Irene Magro and Ana Cardona. The duo hopes to rescue the artisanal “Made in Spain” tradition, while lending a more avant-garde image. In each collection they fuse sophistication, tradition and modernity. Irene and Ana live and work in Madrid and collaborate with two artisans — one based in Alicante and one in Toledo.

     Our work has been published in different 
     fashion media, both offline and online

Yo Dona. Sept 2019

Yo Dona. Sept 2019

YoDona. Febrero 2018

YoDona. Febrero 2015

Vogue. Abril 2015

SModa. Enero 2015

SModa. 2015

Glamour. Julio 2014

Elle. Junio 2015