Roma Black. SS24

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Black suede sandal with ankle strap and black buckles. Anatomical high density natural latex insole for total comfort.

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Split leather:
The split leather is a very resistant skin and as the nubuck gains with the use and aging. The first thing we must do, as in any shoe, is to let it rest for a few hours so that it is ventilated after being all day. If the shoe has gotten wet, it is convenient to put newspaper inside it so that it absorbs all the moisture and thus prevents it from becoming deformed. Let them dry away from the direct rays of the sun or any other source of heat. If only one area has been wetted, moisten the rest of the surface with a rag so that you get a uniform tone when drying. Brush them daily, it is highly recommended so that you do not "get upset". Brush the shoes of split leather, every day, always in the direction of the hair, with a brush specially designed for this use. First we will pass the part of soft bristles and if there were mud spots for example, the hardest part of bristles. If a grease stain appears on the boot you can apply a little talcum powder on the stain and let it absorb the grease. Then brush and ready. A good trick for daily maintenance of your split leather shoes without chafe is as simple as rubbing them with a slightly dampened cloth and then brush them with a shoe brush wrapped in an old stocking. But always the complete shoe to leave a tone and brushed the uniform split. As a finishing touch, when the season is over and you no longer use them, store them in cotton canvas bags or simply wrap them in paper.

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