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Black antic leather fisherman sandal. Black leather sole.

Cares: Florentic
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The classic loafers ¨made in Spain¨are made by this leather; the florentic, a skin with a very characteristic shine, shine that some people hate and others, Love it!. The florentic is a rectified skin with a thickness much higher than that normally used for the manufacture of other types of footwear, which gives the shoes a high durability; at the same time that it is especially comfortable, contrary to what it might seem. The shoe can be a little hard but after three days, it becomes a glove. To keep the skin of the florentic in good condition, it will be enough to clean the outside of the shoe with a slightly moistened cloth, in this way we will remove the dust and dirt that may have. Then moisturize the skin with a little cream or shoe polish, spreading a thin layer over the entire surface of the shoe. Afterwards we will let dry and we will brush removing the excess of cream that could remain. The intensity of brushing will determine the final brightness.

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